[-SAS-] UKINC Merc/Pirate Corp, Are you ready?

Check us out above, see the Killboard and video… If you want to know more, check us out online!

Need a change of pace? Want to dunk nerds? Contact us today!

Could use a change in scenery from FW. 42 mil SP main able to fly t2 Leshak, T2 Gallente, Gal carrier, Minmatar Dreadnaught, soon Black Ops + 2 support alts with EW and logi.
Let me know in-game, I rarely check forums.

Need to be verbally accosted by a Scotsman? Join now!

Need a new home? Love the bolps! join today!

Want a change? need to push yourself? Contact us today!

Need a new place to call home? Tired of all the tidi and bull? Come check us out!

Need a change? Want to actually enjoy logging on? Contact us today!

Looking for that change you need in eve online? Contact us today!

Need to find a new path? Contact us today!

Wot? No discord link? :thinking:

Need a change? Contact us today to find out how!

Great guys , friendly bump

Need a change of pace? contact us today!

discord updated in post ages ago mate

Closed via polite request by OP.