Be Cruel, Be Unkind. Merc/Pirate PVP

Unkindness Incorporated is a PvP, Mercenary Corp. We specialize in:
-Black Ops (Universally renowned for our Black Ops capabilities )
-Capital Warfare
-Null/Low/WH Mercenary Contracts
We encourage a fun, creative environment for those seeking professional small gang pvp.

We provide

  • Black OPS SRP
  • New Player Ship/Skill Packs
  • Monthly Kill Competitions

(And on our way for 2018)

Contact a recruiter today or join [-SAS-] Recruitment channel in game!

Recruitment Video

Recruitment is open! contact us today!

Recruitment is open! Reach a recruiter today!

Find your new home today! Contact a recruiter!

Contact us now! are you ready to make a change?!

Contact us now! are you ready to make a change?!

Looking for a change? contact us today!

Recruitment is open! Contact us today!!!

Recruitment is open! Contact us today if you are looking for a change!

bumpity bumpity bump

Hey are you guys looking to join an alliance as well? My alliance is looking for corps to join and we do blops as well. We have access to lots of isk making in our little pocket and are actively trying to hit the larger guys. Already did two blops ops today and always looking to do more. PM on discord Jeevz#0335 if you’re interested for more info. We’d love to have you.

No… we are in one. We also don’t do Null… KEK.

Need a new start? Come talk to us today and contact me in game!

Need a change? Need some pew and isk? Contact us today!!!

Quality content throughout the time zones, lots of fun blops and cap drops!

Need a change? Tired of the same login garbage? Find us today!

Need some hope for New Eden? contact us today!

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