Scaling Windows?


I am running a late 2014 iMac 5K with High Sierra. I do like that we can now drag window size when using multiple client windows. However I would like the in-game windows to scale as well. Am I missing something. On the 5k screen the text is so small its barely readable.

Troubleshooting I have done: Increase UI scale in the escape menu to read 125%, but in-game windows still have small text.

I have also tried setting the resolution the old way with the drop down under graphics settings, but this just makes the client window small on the 5k screen.

Anyone have suggestions?

Thank you.

This feature has been requested since Apple introduced retina displays in 2012. We’re still waiting. We’d also like the mouse pointer to be scaled up with UI scale. It’s comically small even at 150% UI scale.

I found the answer, For OSX: Launcher > Preferences (Apple menu bar) you can turn off Retina mode. The windows now scale appropriately for multi monitor situations, and are still drag and drop resizable.

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