[SCC-Lounge] Sophisticated Society of Arbitrageurs (ingame channel)

(Caleb Ayrania) #1

Greetings Ladies and Gents.

I believed it was time to get back in the goo and write up an invite to our little corner of New Eden.

For those that have already frequented our little corner and quafe outlet I am looking forward to your patronage.

To any new people I hope you will drop by our little ingame channel for some cozy talk of future markets and oppulent wealth.

SCC-Longe is a game channel for relaxed chat about markets and the occasional politics of EVE.

So if you have questions about how to get into marketeering or just fancy flashing your fiscal trophies or tales of commodities piracy dont be a stranger, drop by and flash a few rounds for the lurkers.

Now also on Tweetfleet

And Discord


-please bump for great justice-

(Caleb Ayrania) #2

Reserved, and also FIRST!

(Fannie Anathema) #3

I guess being second is good enough!

Can’t recommend this channel enough, or I should maybe say community. It’s where I did the most business and learnt the most about the markets.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #4

This channel is a great place to shiptoast, to share market intel, and to stratgically let out fake market intel.

(Caleb Ayrania) #5

It is true… This is a guide to how it is done…

(Sabriz Adoudel) #6

Sometimes I like to start things like that in markets I’m not even invested in. Just for the lulz, nothing more.

P.S. Hot tip: buy salvage now

(Rain6637) #7

checking in on page 1

(TheSmokingHertog) #8

___ 07

(Caleb Ayrania) #9

We are still kicking. These days there seem to be a lot of Lounge Lizards that are vacationing in Albion Online. Hoping for a summer war, to warm things up a bit.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #10

Yep the channel has been really dead.

(Art Vandolay) #11

Every now and then a conversation will pick up and last a while in the channel.

Seems like most activity has migrated to the Discord channel.

(thebang Arkaral) #12

Remind me to drop in when I get back :sunny:

(Caleb Ayrania) #13

Come back soon!

Still cold drinks and hot tips for everyone.

(Caleb Ayrania) #14

We are still alive and Kicking…

2017 is almost at a close, hope to see you all and some new faces in the new year.

(Xylem Viliana) #15

Happy new year SCC peeps and lurkers

(Zahara Cody) #16

I’ve seen corpses do more kicking.

(thebang Arkaral) #17


(Polarctis) #18

Wasn’t this channel created around Red Moon Rising?

(Caleb Ayrania) #19

Well admitted that most activity is on the Discord these days.

(Caleb Ayrania) #20

@Polarctis I believe we launched in around 08-09, so Apocrypha.