SCC should investigate CCP for insider trading

I’ll be short this time.

All these recent annnouncement (e.g. about ore changes) that may or may not go into an effect on some unclear timeline and related stuff. It does not even matter if this is going to happen or not (and not announcing it is even worse, yes, of course), the end effect is that price of ores, minerals and many other commodities goes up and down And guess who benefits the most? Who has the resources/ISK to trade and who has the non-public, material information about the related items? This is insider trading by its very definition!

I argue that SCC should open an investigation against all the toons related in any way to CCP or those who otherwise had means to access the privileged, non-public information before its release. At the very least hefty fines should be imposed on those who would be found trading affected commodities in the related period.

Yes, normally it is the prerogative of SEC to do such investigations, But SCC is the closest Eve has to that comission. And yes, I do realize that SCC is just a collection of text labels in a few lines of code at present. But, quite obviously, their responsibilities should be drastically expanded to allow them appropriate authority in such maters.

CCP players are not supposed to obain in game wealth or power. Not saying it does not happen, a few of eve’s richest are X CCP’rs.

If you have evidence of developer corruption or rule breaking submit to internal affairs.

When it comes to major game changes look to the market history and track movement prior to the official announcement. Compile & send to internal affairs who may trace and ban those chars but I doubt it.

In Eve, game moderation status quo is currently ranked at cess pit. I was considering upgrading evaluation to piss bucket but due to the unbanning of bot players it remains cess pit.

1 This isnt the right area of the forums.

2 Nowhere is


Not a single sane CCP employee will try to take advantage of internal data.

After incidents that happened in past and how players have zero to minimal trust. Each violation would end with bad consequences for person in question. It’s not only about losing job, but in many cases place to live.

Concerns in such cases should be directed into CSM rather than CCP.

flabbergasted and speechless

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  1. WTF is ‘the SCC’, something American by any chance ? An Icelandic company, based and trading in London, probably doesn’t come under its remit anyway.

  2. I can’t decide whether the OP is a troll or just another idiot…


We have a CCP’r currently directly communicating with a perma banned player circum navigating his perma ban.

The same CCP’r who openly shares up coming game changes via private and offshoot channels before dev blogs.

Game corruption in eve is at its worse level in a longtime. It was trending to betterment but the last 2 months it has full on flat dumped into the cess pit again.

As others have said EVE is a game, game corruption is not a rl crime nothing you do in eve is likely to be a crime. Doxing is not a crime nor is rmt ect ect, ccp however have the right to refuse service to who ever they want and when ever and often do.

In fact the only hint at irl crime I have seen in eve is possible false inflation & book keeping of ltd.c value prior to sale to PA. That is for PA to lodge complaint, no one else.

Oh I forgot also money laundering in the casino days but ccp put a stop to that. Oh I also forgot loot boxes & chance rewards but that is one for the future. I also worried about virtual gambling but was assured gambling for non value or low value stakes is not illegal to facilitate or promote children to do in the UK where this game is based.

Is this a crime under Texas law?

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I fail to see what Scottsdale Community College has to do with CCP.

go away

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Post evidence you are just another lying POS…

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Nice troll post, but considering how much increased graft and rule breaking has occurred over the last 4 years in areas the SCC does actually regulate, the investigators already have their hands full with actual criminal activities. Now if you want an organization like the APA to investigate the posters on this forum, I’m 100% with you.

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