Scheenins-based corp focused on sustainable growth

(Elrin Amatin) #1

Most of us are relatively new. There were eight members when I joined. As of this writing there are thirty. Every corp starts somewhere. We have 7% tax rate and no friendly fire. Some of us are miners. Some of us are salvagers and ratters. Our skills, put together, are more useful united behind common purpose: generating income and growing corporate and personal wealth.
Me, personally, I am in New Eden on a long term basis, looking to fly with a good bunch of corpmates and sticking with them to make it work. I’m not going to be switching corporations all the time. If you’re looking to help build something with us from the ground floor, and you’re dedicated to bringing your skills to the table, reach me via eve mail.
Thank you for your time.
Elrin Amatin
Arkadia Galactic