Secretly Hidden - Seeking combatants of any level!

Secretly hidden is a new corp comprised of the most unique individuals from a number of entities. Offering a relaxed playstyle with a ton of fun.

we play EVE because of the sheer amount of fun it provides us, we kill because we want to, we die… well not because we want to but because its fun to… and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. this game is not a chore for us, we enjoy using our time together.

Eve is supposed to be YOUR game, you should chose what you want to do and when you want to do it. QODEC is just here to help you having even more fun with it.

The corp can provide you the following:

-Alpha Clone Friendly (2 500 000 minimum sp)
-Small Gang, Gate Camping, Bashing
-Moon Mining
-Active membership

If you think we’re the right corp for you please contact a recruiter.
In game channel: The secret hidden chat



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