Seeking Alliance of Substance

o7 Hello There,

I am a returning player who has two Characters/Accounts.

Caldari Industrialist with 67+ Million Skill Points
Caldari PvP / Industrial Support with 77+ Million Skill Points.

Corp is: 2 Advanced Heavy Industries.
Looking to join an Alliance of substance.

I have not played in sometime but have broad experience and lots of resources at my disposal.
Lots of POS Building and Maintenance experience.
Plan on moving to Capital Ships Soon.
• I am also an 20+ year Web Developer & Graphic Designer.
Please send seroius inquiries only.



Serious offer:

That’s what i can offer if you wish to reroll your character and start fresh.
it’s an unique idea worth considdering with alot of potential. Link explains some part of the idea and you can get a rough idea of what this is. But best would be an explenation directly from me if you would considder this offer.

Good luck finding what you are searching for & wellcome back to the game!

With kind regards

Tryme Trymsson.

Bad Wolf Industries Inc. alliance is looking for people like you! We are an established industrial and mining focused alliance just a few jumps down from Jita. Decent infrastructure including T1 and T2 optimized factories, several moonbelts, and access to some null-sec areas, if that interests you. Our membership has taken some hits due to several corps moving to null and we could really use your help in becoming a presence again… I myself am putting up another moondrill tomorrow, so there is plenty of ore for all your building needs. Mostly older, laid back players, we are a no drama bunch. Would love to hear from you in game or on here. Thanks!

Bootstrap Mining is an industrial corp living in NPC null. We have daily moon belts and build everything from T1 modules up to T3 ships, capitals and stations, which are then sold to alliance members via our online store, shipped to a trade hub for profit, or blown up for entertainment

We are an international group with a mature play style and you can read more about us in our main post here:

Link to most recent kill please.

Lol . . . Recent kill? You mean recent death don’t you? I am sure you have already looked thar up haven’t you?


Thank you very much.
This is the kind of play i sm looking for. I will have a look and let you know. I will choose today.

Thank you very much.
This is the kind of play i sm looking for. I will have a look and let you know. I will choose today.


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