Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting!

A few roles that i need to be filled would be:

  • A criminal boss - main income from drugs and production of drugs.
  • A public service man/woman - news agency/ radio agancy that will report news within the government.
  • A local politician
  • A reasercher/ scientist
  • A Police man/woman
  • A historian = Someone who has a good knowlage of the eve online lore and big events.
  • A marine/ Soldier
  • A company owner and a few employees. - Industrial path.
  • A mercenary

These roles are nessesary to start up this government of mine and will take priority. We will accept other roles as well but these are the most nessesary once at this time.
Ask any questions that you might have about these roles.

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I don’t like to do bumps since they are not contributing anything.
But it’s still needed in some regard to not let this post “go away”.

So the next “bump” i will do will be more informetive.

Hello again, here is an informetive bump :slight_smile:

I noticed that i did write about criminals vs government, poloticians but forgot to mention every thing else.
Therefore i will write more about other roles as an informetive bump.

So, here we go:

A citizen is a full fleged member of the government and will recive it’s full support. You as an capsuleer who wish to apply for an citizienship will be will be tunneled and processed through a corporation untill your applyance for citizenship has been accepted and processed.

So what is a citizen in this government doing and how does it effect the govenment as a hole?

A citizen is a citizen, a tax payer, a workor, unemployed, a student or what not. You don’t have to think that hard to know what a citizen is since it’s just to compare it to the real life.
The citizense are the beating heart of the governmenet and are vital for for the government. The government supports it’s citizens with all kinds of support if it’s needed and if the ruling political party enforces these political priorities. The support is there for the induvidual to support them in financial matters & growth.
The citizen role is the foundation that the is the is the first role you will have and continue to have throughout the membership of the government where other roles will be added opon top of that.

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Founds are now gatherd and the the launch will happen the 2019-07-21. (it’s planned to atleast)
So i have alot of work ahead of me, leadership roles are quite wanted to help me releave me some of the work. Otherwise then that, we are still recruiting and have ALOT of avalible roles for people to fill.
Considder this as an informetive bump!
Hope to hear from you!

Jesus, I hope you are successful for all the work you put into this.

Do try spell check though!


I have questions about your project - is it better if I list them here or in EVEMail convo in-game?

That all depends on what it is :wink:
But go ahead and share them here first so others can read them. If it’s more of the shh questions then ask them in a mail.

What will the government be doing in-universe? i.e. which activities, in which regions, what kind of relations with other groups, any plans for conflict? Also, why a fresh character?

Let’s Start with your last question.

  1. Why a fresh character?
  • We require a fresh new character so that the player will be acceptable for our player lore. I (that later will be “we”) want our players to fit in with that lore as well and contribute towards that story or their own stories that is based upon the player story that i made. We have a “fokus” on things.
    We want propper names, clothing that fits the character and it’s occupation, it’s rank. Same thing goes with the backround of the character profile.
    Another thing why a new character - We want good or bad relations with selected nps:s, corporations, governments, orginizations. Therefore we requite a fresh new character so we can continue to have good or bad relations with those selected npc:s.
    Misstakes will happen but they can be “pached” but history is history and will stay as an action that we have done.
  • As an government we would we not requite resorces? A need to defend our borders and protect our interests? Would not our citizens need a sorts of income and some kind of support if something would happen? Just think what sorts of things a real life government would need for it’s daily life to funktion. And you should have your responce in what activeties we do. If not - here i go :sweat_smile: ,we do PvE - collecting resorces, isk income from jobs from other corporations and our own. “Cracking down on crime”.
    PvP - Federation warfare against Amarr, sov warfare in null sec (protecting our borders and our intrests - pushing for space if we need it or a have a reson to), Same thing goes with wars.

Rp- Things can happen here out of nowere. Events that can trigger a thing to become a large scale thing in the government and have major effects upon it. Things that will shape the governments history.
An example would be for pirate vs police thing, or a planet that mr or miss X has governership over is being neglected. A cave in at a mine = prices go up. Greta campaining over enviroment that the citizens took to hart and started to rebell over since the leaders did not listen to them.

So alot of the activeties that will happen will be “inside” the government as events and sutch. But there will be still alot of fokus “outside” the government as well.

The areas we will be doing our activeties are: High sec, low sec, null sec. Other areas will we have to wait and see what the direction and events takes us in new eden.
Now in the beginning i plan to hold our activeties in high sec until we have an more orginized group & more people so we can then take controll of those sov areas i planned to hold. Activeties in low will happen as well but mostly more in an orginized fashon?

Other things that the government will be doing in the universe is supporting orginizations and help out when help is needed in some events, rp and none rp. Lore and none lore.

  • Start up and orginize some things that i plan to make a big thing in eve online and well known.
    ( i should just say like this, there is just ALOT! And alot of content planned as well)
    oh, i should as well mention - teaching! We teach! (not the not nerdy numbers but the general basics - more advanced but not nerdy teaching)
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Thank you for the informative reply.

Discord – L1quidSn4ke#9225

Hello @Davnan_Fletcher

Good to know that there are more people who are interested in this :slight_smile:
I have tryed to get into your discord but your discord invite is invalid. Try it one more time and send it through mail instead so others wont take it instead of me.

With kind regards,
Tryme Trymsson

Recruitment is still active and things are slowly moving forward :slight_smile:

This sounds interesting- though I don’t have much experience with RP. Would this be a good group to learn, or should I look for a different group?

We are still standing at the starting line since recruitment is slow among other things, but i would say “yes, it’s a good group to learn from. We teach eachother as we progresses in the game”.
As mentioned before in the text if i remember correctly, we will start up a school or schools later on as well that will teach diffrent things for new players to old players. This will happen later when we have more members and people who would be willing to fill out those teaching roles among other roles.

No worries there, it’s something you learn as you progress and how mutch you want to roleplay is up to you but we will do rp actively. (we will have a out of character channel as well to get a pause from it)

Hi there,

I am very much interested in this project. Would love to be apart of this but I have a couple of questions:

  1. Though my character is roughly a month old, I have always been solo i.e. not be apart of anything. Would my character could still apply? In lore, we could say that my character has been on his own for a while and being fed up with the empires and how they run things, decided to take up on your government’s offer in building a better place.

  2. Where did you guys set up shop?

  3. Whats the government’s response to the recent Triglavian Invasion? Asking because I really want to be apart of an alliance/government that is dedicated purely to beating back the invasion. Makes for a fun narrative :smiley:

Thats all my questions for now. Thanks for reading!

Hello @Kallus_Saraki,

i am glad that you are very interested in this project of mine. It’s good that you have questions and ask them. Ofc i will do my best to respond to your questions to get your curiosity satisfied.

  1. There are alot of factors regarding this if you can or not join in with a not so old character. But most of the cases you have to create a new character to join.
    The reson why is to keep our standings with npc corporations and factions the way we like it. Possitive with some and negative with others.
    Other factors would be from what faction and house your character is apart of, what you have done with that character in the game. So this is something i would like to have a chat about in a voice channel in my discord so that both of us could figger out if your character would be applyable or not.
    Regarding the rp there are 2 ways to go about it:

:one: :point_right:t3: Use the player lore i came up with as a base and build your story from there, or…
:two: :point_right: use your route as a base and build your story from there and imigrate to “our story” (the player lore that i created as a base).
(number one is the most poppular atm since i forgot to mention the other route to the other players :blush:)

  1. Still working on this! I tell people to head to Embod system after they have finnished up their “homework” to intigrate them to use after a rp event. After that we will operate from embod system but we do not currently own any offices. I am working towards creating our own station/stations that we can set up in embod system and other places.
    Have not rented an office since i want every corporation in the government to be at the same place in the starting systems. So, by given time we will have our own station up and running sooner or later.

    There is so mutch unknown lore that needs to be under consideration and known first before a decision can be made.
    But at the current time, we are not hostile against them and do not engage them.
    We might take up their test to prove ourselves but not more then that as it currently stands. Time will tell more. But it leans towards that we might be friendly with them or create good relations with them.
    But as typed: I DONT KNOWWW!!! :man_shrugging:t3: :question: :exclamation:

I hope that your curiosity was satisfied for now & that you ask more questions if you might have any that might popp up.

With kind regards,

Tryme Trymsson

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