Returning Player LF mining/industry corp

Hi there,

I have been registered to eve for about 10 years now and played around 4 active. I am pretty good skilled in Mining and an intermediate in industry. I was part of a mining corp already and need to find my way into the game now again.
I am looking for protected mining events in high or low sec and am always intrested in some Wormhole endeavours as well.
At the moment my stuff is scattered and I am setting up base in Sinq-Laison. I live in the EUTZ and will only have time as a casual player. Discord I own, voice too, but its difficult to use at my place, without disturbing other people, so I rather wont use that.

I am looking to make some ISK again, so if you are intrested, drop me a message.


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Hi Enthalpie

welcome back to eve.

Here is our recruitment add.

Hope to hear from you



Welcome back to eve. If your lookin to get back into the swing of things you should check out what we have to offer. We are a corp built for casual players and have no time requirements. We have access to both nullsec and Wormhole space so you get the best of both worlds. We can fill your wallet back up again quickly with our C5 wormhole ops as well as giving you access to PvP Fleets at your leisure.

Find out more information in our recruitment post:

I hope to see you drop by our discord and look forward to giving you more information if your interested.


Hello @Enthalpie

Wellcome back to eve online again and it’s community.

I am currently developing a idea of mine --> Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting!

Your casual player stile and wish for protected mining events would fit well with a role with us as an employee for a company that produces and sells surtain items.

Have a readthrough on that link and contact me if you got any questions, intrest or just plainly wanting to know more about it.

Have a continues good day,

Tryme Trymsson.

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