New Norwegian player looking for corp

Hey i`m a new player(4m x3 sp)from Norway.I am 33 years old guy and looking for a corp with mature friendly and helpful people.

I would like to be in a not too big but active and laid-back corp preferable in EU tz.located in a quiet place in lowsec/nulsec/wh would be a bonus since i want to get in on gas harvesting and it is more profitable to explore…
I am active every day and usually start 1 hour before server maintenence (11.00eve time).and latest 20.30 EUtz.

I have 3 omega accounts(9 charecters)atm doing little bit of everything,like::

Exploring relic/data sites

Salvage after people doing high lv pve missions etc

Mining ore\ice\moon

Doing security pve missions.


Skilling 4 toons for Pi

Some industry

Things i want to get into:


Gas harvesting

Learn pvp



Fleet pve

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Check your ingame inbox dude

:wave: @Krem_Machina

Let’s start with the most important matter of all first, wellcome to Eve Online!!
I hope you will enjoy your stay with us in the eve online community.
If you ever need help regarding questions then you can ask questions in the in-game chat for new players. You have two other options as well if you need help, ask questions here on the forums New Citizens Q&A - EVE Online Forums or to ask fellow future corporation members and friends.

Now when that’s out of the way i can start to get down to our business.

If you are not affraid of hardships and are looking for a unique place to stay longturm, then~ i can present you this —> Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting! . It’s an idea of creating a government and then takeing up a role as a character were you will be roleplaying and acting as that character. (within the eve online lore and our own player made lore)

Each country has a political body and we have a government. For a country to exist it needs citizens. You will be one of them. Going about your daily life in this swarming life filled society. Were events can happen internally and externally in this country of yours as your daily life progresses within your own story.

Krem, you seem to want to learn everything you can about the game and want to dip into a little bit of everything. That’s good! It only shows that you wish to learn everything you can :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s also good that i can help you out with that.

As it currently stands with this idea of mine that i am developing, it’s only me at the moment with a few watchfull eyes on me to follow my progress with a big interest. The alliance is made, a few corporations is made and more is to come. A few of them will be for example schools, These schools should be of interest to you since here you will be able to learn new things through " lectures" that will happen a few times per week. And since you hunger for knowlage… it should be a good start for you to start out.

All the things that you have listed as well that you are doing and want to get into - it should not pose a problem here since it’s all needed here in all diffrent sorts of companies & corporations.

“We” currently reside in high sec but will sooner or later (as fast as possible if we can) get into lowsec/nullsec as well. Were nullsec will be our beating heart of the hole idea and were things will play out.

Last thing will be this link that i will provide to my recruitment post so you can read a little more about the idea. But best would be if you heard it from me directly since there is alot to explain.

Hope to hear from you and sorry for the “good start, bad ending text” on my part. I just came home from work and were about to go to bed but saw this post on the forum and just had to reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, contact me for more and better info if you considder my offer.

With kind regards,

Tryme Trymsson.

(gn :sleeping:)

Hej! Jag och några vänner driver en Null/highsec corp som har aktiviteter i allt från pvp till industri. Kolla gärna min annons jag har skrivit tidigare:

Jag skrev även till dig in-game. Det låter som du är intresserad av precis det vi gör.

Ha en bra dag.

/ K

Hey bud, got a Discord handle? Would like to chat with you.

Vist du ønsker et veldig sosialt fokusert pvp corp må du gjerne sjekke ut
TDSIN (Scary Wormhole People)
Vi og jeg spesielt ønsker gjerne å ta en prat med deg vist det kunne være av interesse :slight_smile:

Blir å paste en summary i engelsk under men gjerne skytt mæ ei melding :slight_smile:
Her er discorden min :smiley: : Furu Bonehead#9802

Hello im Furu a recruiter for TDSIN, Intrested in a WH corp?

Down below is some info about us.
If u want to come on comms and have a bit for detailed chat you are welcome to,
can also get my discord etc trough my ingame mail.

The Dark Space Initiative

  • C5 C5 PVP Corp.
  • US/EU TZ Strong. With growing AU.
  • One of the oldest and proudest.
  • Come join a corp that takes pride in having a chill atmosphere and every chance to blow ■■■■ up. (Community)

Hope to hear from you.
Furu Bonehead
Director TDSIN

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