Seeking Alpha/Omega Pilots for Frigate Fleets - Public Fleets - Win ISK


Dead simple - I stream 3-4 nights a week - On these I take players with me - ATM there is around 5-8 of us. We are looking to expand.

So here is what we are looking for

5-10 players to join fleets on Tue/Thurs/Sat @ 21:30 Game Time
Launch Point: System - Onnomon - A Long Way From Home
You will need 5 fully fitted frigs in station and clone set to that station

We also have 150mil ISK )usually alot more) ready to be won each month (see MOTD in channel) - Go to 44:26 - This is a fight with players from all different corps

Tier One frigates only because you need to be able to enter Novice complexes.

For more info join EvoTube Ingame and read the MOTD. We have a good laugh, laughable attitude to PVP. But we get kills and we get into good fights.

So we are looking for people to join us. So, bring alpha clones, t1 fittings, w/e you want but we do this three nights a week and we want you to come to!

CCP Please move this to what ever section it should be in, your new forums are confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

Cmon, come join us on teh fun runs :!

Ah takes me back to the big full fleet conjobs of the past. Fun days

Yeh we have a good laugh, always in frigs, we just want a few more people to come join us

We’ve had three new pilots join us and as you can see here we are getting lots of kills

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