Tired of stupid gank wars? Tired of null sec CTA fleets that waste 3 hours of your time? Tired of the same ole station pewpew op for sov?

Do you just want to do your thing and occasionally fleet up for some roaming fun without the need of some alliance leader telling you what ship to fly, how to fit it, and what monotonous target to shoot?

Do you want to have fun without the drab crap of someone else telling you how to do it? Do you want to play the game you’re paying for the way you want to play and not the way some Goon, Horde, or TEST lump thinks you should play.

If so, Novus Ordo Mundi is the place for you. We specialize in staying out of your crap and still providing a sweet ass community that has fun with casual fleets and chit-chat.

Join channel MUNDI and say hello.

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