Selecting focused,locked target flashes its icon

Suggestion: Clicking on currently focused locked target shows a visual hint, ie. the target’s icon flashes.
Keywords: hud, targeting, qol
Note: Clicking unlocked and focused,locked object is tough to differentiate at a glance

I’ll give you an example of what I mean. Imagine you are mining some tasty asteroids in a Retriever.

When you click on an asteroid from the Survey Scan Result list, two things happen. Either you have the asteroid locked but not focused, in which case the asteroid gets focused and you can clearly see the change with your peripheral vision thanks to the arrows around the focused target’s icon swapping place. But if you click an asteroid that is locked and focused, nothing happens. Same goes for an asteroid you haven’t even locked. There’s no obvious visual hint confirming you have selected the right object in the second scenario.

You accidentally click on some unlocked asteroid and, thinking you have the right asteroid already selected and focused, you start up both your Strip Miner I modules. After a few minutes, you check out your miners, only to find out you have clicked on something else and the last ateroid you have had focus on is being mined instead. Worse things happen if you start shooting at something you didn’t plan to.

My suggestion is to make the target icons flash whenever you click on the related object. Some other visual cues would do too, of course. Then you would quickly know whether you are selecting the right thing.

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