Selling Dread (Moros) Pilot with Trading skills! - SOLD

Selling Dread (Moros) Pilot with Trading skills!
DoB 2014. 12.
33 Million SP.

Can Fly Moros with T2 Siege and T2 Blasters
Can Fly T2 Haulers

Jitakori Dallocort

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character located in highsec
In an NPC corporation
I’m paying transfer fee

Offers pls!

22 B offer

23b offer

24 B offer

25 bill

Looking for around 30B for the Char!


30b bo

Offer accepted!
Write me account name for transfer and send ISK pls!

thank you will be off RL for eve around downtime today.

isk and account infor sent in mail

Transfer started 2023.09.30 21:09 CEST
Fly safe

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