Selling Tech II Ship BPC

Hello, At Medvil Industries we have begun production of many assorted Tech II Ship BPC which are up for purchase on contracts by “Victor Medvil” in Jita (4,4). The Products that are up for sale are listed below. There are multiples of each contract at the price listed if you need more than the listed amount contact “Victor Medvil” in game via mail.

20x Runs Claymore (3,2) BPC - 100m

20x Runs Sleipnir (3,2) BPC - 100m

20x Runs Paladin (3,2) BPC - 200m

20x Runs Vargur (3,2) BPC - 200m

20x Runs Ishtar (3,2) BPC - 80m

20x Runs Muninn (3,2) BPC - 80m

20x Runs Hulk (3,2) BPC - 80m

20x Runs Mackinaw (3,2) BPC - 80m

20x Runs Skiff (3,2) BPC - 80m

8x Runs Nomad (4,4) BPC - 500m

8x Runs Rhea (4,4) BPC - 500m

8x Runs Ark (4,4) BPC - 500m

8x Runs Anshar (4,4) BPC - 500m




Would you be able supply me with these at or around 10 or less runs each per week? I would buy these off of you for a total of 250bpcs per week.

Send me in-game mail or hit me on my discord New Eden Trade and Market