Selling visualy fully customizable toons from 2006! Low SP!

(Mohe Dzevrija) #1

Selling toons created in 2006!

Almost 1mil SP each!
4 Remaps! One regular and 3 bonus!
Never left rookie corp!
The faces are fully customizable!

Min bid 3bil!
B/O at 5bil!

(Jahunis) #2

Am for sale!

(Mohe Dzevrija) #3


(Mohe Dzevrija) #4

Daily bump

(Mohe Dzevrija) #5

Still for sale

(Mohe Dzevrija) #6

Daily Bump

(Mohe Dzevrija) #7


(Mohe Dzevrija) #8

daily bump

(Mohe Dzevrija) #9


(system) #10

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