Semper-Tyrannis - Recruitment is open again [PVP-NULLSEC]

We are Null based and looking to grow our numbers.
We are focused on community and developing our PVP skills in both Small gang, large scale and capital combat.
We offer a good environment to develop or improve your combat skills and great space to make some money while doing it.

Being a part of the team offers:

  • A Welcoming & Active Community
  • Alpha clones friendly and training is available
  • Nullsec Ratting and mining
  • SRP
  • Competitive Ore Buyback Program
  • Capital construction
  • Voice Coms
  • PVP content
  • Corporate Advanced Options

What we require from you is

  • A willingness to learn and join in with group activities
  • Full API key
  • A working microphone
  • A good attitude

Join our public channel for info: “Semper-Tyrannis Public”

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