Serenity Cartel [AU/NZ-TZ][PVP][PVE][Small Gang-Mid Sized PVP][Newbro Friendly]

Are you looking for an active, newbro friendly, relaxed, no drama corporation that focuses on the PVP side of EVE?

Serenity Cartel is an Australian/New Zealand timezone corp living in Sov Null as a member of Straya Post (POSTY), a primarily AUTZ alliance.

Our primary focus is solo through to medium size PVP, however we have access to Coalition Fleets which is more F1 focused.

Our Killboard (Not that we care about KB stats)

What’s in it for you:

  • Relaxed, Social atmosphere with a knowledgeable player base who are always happy to assist.
  • Leadership that actually listens to you.
  • Full Corp services such as Discord, Wiki, Seat.
  • Knowledge from experienced members in all aspects of Eve
  • Entertaining Comms (banter for days)
  • Never ending content
  • Corp Moons and Alliance Moons
  • Upgraded Ratting Systems
  • High Fun Per Hour
  • Corp Activities such as Trivia, Group PVE
  • And much much more

What we expect from you:

  • Be active!! Most of us play daily, however we understand people have lives, so by active, we would like to see you online at least once per week. If you are going to be inactive for an extended period, all you need to do is make leadership aware.
  • Positive attitude with the view to have fun, it is a game after all.
  • You must be willing to PVP, we don’t care if you die lots, corp provides entry level ships for doctrines, just need the willingness to PVP
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Being able to at least listen to comms. A working mic is preferred but not a requirement

If you are interested in joining us or want to find out more, join the ‘S…C Public’ channel in game and talk with our recruiters. If nobody is online please feel free to mail any questions to VagabondBR, Paeris Naari, or Munkey Dallocort. or come join our Discord



Bears are scary when wet

Still looking for peeps

Come join the only Aussie corp you will ever need!

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