Serenity Cartel (Exit Strategy Alliance) - AU/NZ TZ PVP/PVE (C2 0.0/C5)


Still looking for more pilots!

Still looking for the friendly Koala’s or w/e

Moar Recruits

Looking for more pilots!

Always recruiting

bump bump bump

Joined these guys 3 weeks ago. Awesome group of guys, great fun earning isk and getting kills and whelping fleets. If you want to have fun in a laid back environment where everyone is there for a good time, Join Serenity Cartel.

Still looking for recruits!

Looking for even more spacebros!

Buzz is the bestest space bro… also still looking for more spacebros!


still recruiting chill people


Looking for even more AUTZ spacebros!

Still recruiting

SC still recruiting!

more recruits plox

Still recruiting