Several changing error messages

Some weeks ago I “upgraded” my graphics card to a GeForce GTX 560. In the beginning the performance improved but began to deteriorate sometimnes later.

Now with the new launcher I am unable to start the game. At first the launche never even started. After pressing “play” the name turned green and the “starting client” message appeared. But nothing else happened. Now after a windows update at least the game tries to login and th black scree pops up. However, I never reach character selection. The computer always stops with a bluescreen giving completely random error messages. So far I had


Errors persisted even after reinstalling EVE client. All other games and applications seem to work fine.

Now I’m just a plain user. I would be happy if I could login again at some point, eve if it means I will have to reset the UI.

Thanks for any help.

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