Several days now I am unable to access sisi

I am plexed on TQ and on mirror. When I press start from launcher, the game opens, the “initializing” bar briefly appears, and then I am permanently (hours) stuck on a black screen. This happens on multiple accounts and characters. This has been the case for several days.

Thanks in advance!

Please send a bug report, if this is still happening and you have not sent a bug report yet. Please include logs from LogLite (see in the bug report.

Unable to validate the authentication token provided by the launcher. This can be caused by excessive system load. Please try again after one minute or contact EVE customer support.

I have done so. Bug report ID: EBR-156566

Thanks! It seems like your issues are caused by a corrupted file in your rescache. I added more detailed info as comment on the bug report.

Issue has been resovled.

Solution: Launcher > Open Settings > Shared Cache Settings > Verify > restart launcher

for me and a friend says it username and password wrong o.o
and that since 4 days =x

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