[SH0K] [BRAVE] Therapy. Is recruiting, Become "ONE OF US"


Part Of Brave Collective

About Us:

Therapy. is a Chill Environment Corp community with a PvP Focus, with an Industry/PVE backbone group because without it there is no PVP. Born in High Sec, fought in Low sec, and been Part of a Larger Null sec group. Now back from a Hiatus, we are back to cut our teeth into Null once again.

What we are Looking For:

:arrow_right: players who are looking to be Part of a Community. Undock together to either go to glory or drunken Failures. People who want to work as part of a team to complete Goals/Projects!
:arrow_right: Mumble and Jabber Usage
:arrow_right: Euro/US
:arrow_right: 5M SP minimum.
:arrow_right: Industrials(PVE) who want mine/build/whatever you want to do. Also, help further corp goals/Projects.


:arrow_right: Relaxed Environment./Atmosphere
:arrow_right: Corp Citadels rigged for all Money making needs
:arrow_right: Community Feel. ( Inside Eve and In other Games)
:arrow_right: SRP (subs and Caps)
:arrow_right: Small to Large Scale Fleet Engagements,
:arrow_right: Experienced Leadership
:arrow_right: Experienced FCs
:arrow_right: Primo hunting Grounds
:arrow_right: Many Money Making Opportunity( Ratting,PI,Market Champions,ect)
:arrow_right: An environment for you to become a better pilot, not simply get lost in the Numbers.
:arrow_right: Ect…
How Do i Join!

Come Say Hi on Discord

Join Discord Server Here!
[SH0K] Therapy. (sh0ktherapy.space)

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