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Looking for veteran and newbro indy players.

All tz welcome

Accepting newbros and veterans

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Looking for players to join

Come mine and build with us. Or don’t we ain’t yo mama.

Join our growing corp. Veterans and newbros welcome

Hisec rock junkies wanted. Growing pretty fast. All tz welcome (us is our main tz)

Dug back from the depths. Join today. Newbros (7d in game) and veterans are welcome. Even those dirty in betweeners like me.

To the top!

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If you’re looking for a friendly Corp that’s welcomes both new and older pilots interested in industry and mining, you should certainly give The Order of Omerta serious consideration. Lovely group of active players.

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We welcome all tz come join the fun

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Growing our members and content

Started from the bottom now we’re here

Up up and away

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See me first