[SH0K] Therapy. Nullsec Corp is recruiting!


Member Corporation of Test Alliance Please Ignore

Our discord server


Ingame Public Channel : Therapy Public ( for both hanging out and recruitment)

About Us:

Therapy. is a PVP-focused corporation currently residing in Test Alliance Please Ignore. Our goal is to cause as many explosions as possible, and to have as much fun as possible while doing it. Our core membership consists of several extremely talented and experienced FCs and PVPers, who are consistently at the top levels of alliance fleet leadership. Of course, we recognize that PVE and industry are critical parts of the game, but to us, they support a healthy diet of murdering spaceships.

If you’re an aspiring FC, there is no better place in the game for you than Therapy. Our corp FC team has more experience put together than some small alliances, and we’re happy to bring that experience to bear in order to help you become an effective, deadly fleet commander that wins fights rather than just welping roams.

If that sounds like fun to you, come hang out in our Discord server and have a chat with one of our recruiters!

What we are looking for:

:arrow_right: Players who are looking to be part of a tight-knit PVP community. We undock and fly together, whether we go to glory or drunken fiery deaths
:arrow_right: Active Mumble/Discord comms usage- if you’re online, we want to chat with you!
:arrow_right: Activity primarily in the EU/US timezone regions
:arrow_right: A minimum of 5 million SP (if you have the right attitude, this can be negotiated)
:arrow_right: 300 minutes/month participation in alliance fleets


:arrow_right: A relaxed, drama-free environment
:arrow_right: Corp Citadels rigged for all moneymaking needs
:arrow_right: A tight-knit community to play with, both in Eve and other games
:arrow_right: SRP (subs and Caps)
:arrow_right: Small to large scale fleet engagements,
:arrow_right: Experienced Leadership
:arrow_right: Experienced corp FCs
:arrow_right: Constant content
:arrow_right: Excellent moneymaking space
:arrow_right: An environment for you to become a better pilot, not simply get lost in the numbers.

How Do I Join?

Contact one of our recruiters in-game: Violet Victoria, Radamere Estidal Estidal, Thaer Deathor, or Cave Johnson Couts

And join the channel “Therapy Public”


Come say hi on our Discord!

Art credit to Cymek.

Come celebrate Freedom 23/7 365 days a year!

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Bump for future members seeking the best corp.

Quick bump- we’re still recruiting, come have a chat with us!

Recruitment is still open!

Come join your new home today!

Still recruiting. Join today!

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