Shadow Ultimatum is Growing and Invites Your Corp!

:rocket: Join Shadow Ultimatum - Conquer Null Sec, Forge Your Destiny! :rocket:

Are you a corporation seeking the thrill of the unknown, the riches of the uncharted, and the power of the stars? Look no further! Shadow Ultimatum invites you to join our ranks and embark on an epic journey through the depths of Null Sec space.

:milky_way: Who We Are: Shadow Ultimatum is not just an alliance; weโ€™re a family of like-minded corporations united by our hunger for adventure and ambition. With a history of triumphs in recent wars, we stand as a force to be reckoned with, ready to carve our name in the annals of EVE history.

:briefcase: What We Offer:

  • Null Sec Sovereignty: Claim your stake in the vast landscapes of Null Sec and experience the freedom to shape the universe as you see fit.

  • Thriving Community: Join a diverse and tight-knit community of pilots who share your passion for excellence and exploration.

  • Rich Resources: Tap into abundant resources, mine rare ores, and cultivate a thriving industrial empire.

  • Tactical Warfare: Engage in epic fleet battles, strategic operations, and covert missions that will test your skills and teamwork.

  • Advanced Infrastructure: Benefit from well-established infrastructure, including structures, citadels, and jump bridges that streamline your operations.

  • Training and Support: New to Null Sec? No problem! We offer guidance and mentorship to help you thrive in this challenging environment.

  • Trade and Commerce: As members of The Imperium, connect with bustling markets and trade hubs across high, low, and null sec to fuel your ambitions.

:lock: Our Requirements:

  • A corporation with a bold vision and an appetite for growth.
  • A willingness to collaborate and contribute to the success of the alliance.
  • Active participation in alliance events, operations, and strategies.
  • A desire to leave your mark on the universe and forge your legacy.

:star2: Join Us Today and Shape Tomorrow! If youโ€™re ready to elevate your corporation to new heights, seize the opportunity now. Become part of Shadow Ultimatum Alliance and redefine the future of Null Sec space.

Contact us in-game or visit our official communication channels to learn more:

Corporation Recruiters: Charles Marsailles, Sebekk Knap

In-Game Corp Recruiting: Diplo.Shadow.Ultimatum

The stars await your command. Will you answer the call?

Fly bold, fly free with Shadow Ultimatum! :milky_way::rocket:


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Onboarding new corps now! Thank you for looking! Come talk to us in-game about how Shadow can massively boost the amount of content available to your corporation members!

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Zarzakh just opened up new connections for us to explore. Come live with us, right next door to a gate there and enjoy the new convenience of travel!

Where else can you enjoy the rent-free life and all the benefits of SOV space while still only being 2 jumps from Turner, Venal, and Curse? Nowhere! Come speak to a diplo today!

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