Share your best moments in EvE... and worst!

My best feeling was the first time we hotdropped a phoenix. This amount of power was insane… and i’ve never been in any major engagement… But no TiDi :stuck_out_tongue:

My worst… mh not sure; i think its when i’ve lost my first really expensive ship, an Orca… was in warp when neuts got reported in Intel, when i reached warp they already bubbled the gate and i was done. No Cyno equipped. Rip. Went to bed.

Best moments: found EVE
Worst moment: play EVE

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One of those. Can’t really decide which is which.

this is probably my favorite

the story*
tl;dr : P I R A T are knobs and tried to break us when our activity was waning.
so we grabbed them, held them down and dropped a 120 man fleet on the smug feckers.

i was dual boxing guardians for it hence forgetting to whore on any of the mails.
pretty sure iv that recorded somewhere if anyone’s interested.

*(worth noting vendetta have had a coup d’etat since then so anything iv said regarding them is non withstanding)

also this is a firm favorite ,small win but one that i still smile about.

the story behind it

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