Sheeld support

I wanna work as an sheeld support for anyone who is Interested i can heal 147 sheeld per second / 585 sheeld every 4s.


Hey Abstraktw Akatsuji,

Looks like you’ve been training up those logi skills! Looks good and sounds like you’d be a great addition to a corporation out in null sec.

I just have a few questions for you.

  1. What is your prime time that you are online? (EVE time)

  2. Do you just want to support people or do you also want to kill?

  3. How do you make your isk to support your wallet?

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That will be my frist atentive to suporting someone i didnt try it even on me i just reserch just what i think will be good in all my games like LOL i liked to be support staying Behind team supporting them.
At bigging i wont ask for money or anything special i want to try how will this fit.
For next 3 days i can play like after Server restart 12h but i wont be online all the time u can find me on discord DjAbstraktw
Or skype

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I also have good skill in salvage and scaning if u guys will need

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Hey there! You should consider Aideron Robotics. We love people who want to fly logi and our coalition as well as we makes extensive use of shield logi, like the Osprey. Aideron is a member of my alliance, Federation Uprising, which is a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s our public recruitment Discord:

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Hello @Abstraktw_Akatsuji,

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. We would love to have you onboard as most of our members are cross trained in the Arts of Healing. Come take a closer look at who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,

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