Shirak Soldte for sale

Ive had the character forever. Fun times. I feel like I just want to restart though and have a clear name/history. So Im putting this guy up for sale. I have no idea how this market stuff works or what hes worth, so any help would be nice.

17b offer also if u are new read the char bazzar rules u need to add a bunch of additional information otherwise ur post will be locked.

Wallet Balance 460Mill, though Ill probably transfer that off. Ive sold all my ships, so no ships or other big assetts. Hes sitting in Amarr atm. Positive, used to be misison running. I hate pirates. No kill rights, no jump clones.

Shirak Soldte

Corporation Viziam
Date of Birth 2009-11-14
Skill Points 28,561,420
Unallocated SP 180,000

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So sounds like 17B is the fair price? Whats the next step?

you accept my offer here and then I send isk @ Details. Then you need to buy a Transfer for that Char for 20$ From CCP to the account given in game.

Also don’t forget to move ur isk to another char before :smile:

Ok I accept you offer, lets do this :slight_smile:

isk and info sent

Itll be an hour or two, before I can work it. Thanks!

Did I do it right?

you did ty