Silent Havok. | Going Against the Trend in Corp/Alliance Structure

(Apollo Achasse) #1

Why Are We Different?

Contrary to most small alliance systems, our members are alliance members first, and corporation members second. This means that you get to pick your place within the alliance based on which corporation’s style you prefer as well as your current skill level! For more information on how this unique system works, please visit The Official Insurrection Recruitment Guide.

Looking for a mature null sec corporation in a growing alliance? Looking to join a group of capsuleers creating an empire of their own in New Eden? We offer regular PVP fleets, ranging from small and medium gang to blops and capital fleets. PVE options such as mining fleets and level 4 missions are also available.

What We Require

  • 5 million SP.
  • Willing to train into alliance doctrines.
  • Mature 18+.
  • Discord for alliance, Teamspeak for coalition.
  • Full API upon applying.

What You’re Looking For

  • A growing corp in a growing alliance.
  • A safe environment in which to learn new skills.
  • A tight knit group of friendly people.

For more information, send a mail to or convo Apollo Achasse in-game. Thank you for your continued interest in joining Silent Havok. and The Insurrection!