Sinister. - Make Isk PvPing - EUTZ - ESS Warfare

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We are looking to grow all of our timezones, so join up!

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Always looking for more people interested in doing Abyssal and Invasion content, we are running more and more co-op sites now with more people joining get involved! Join discord and say hi.

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Hey – Interested in getting more info on the corp. Hopped on the discord channel, if anyone has time - ping me there or in game. Thanks!

will do thanks man :slight_smile:

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nice propaganda poster.
can i join. im good cannon fodder

yes mate jump on our discord and @recruitmentofficer :slight_smile:

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If you want to get into Abyssal content this is the place to be! Join the discord or drop me a message in game

Discord link for reference

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