Sir Daedalus is my good and close friend

Sir Daedalus of CVA is most virtuous and honorable man one can imagine. He has beautiful and manly jaw, honorable eyes and most virtouous eyebrows.

His many virtues are included but not limited to his dedication to the Empire, his friendshipo to me and his incredible strategic wisdom.

There are no man like Sir Daedalus of CVA. He is not noble in blood, but more so in hearth.

I’m sure you to will make a beautiful couple.


Virtuous eyebrows, eh ?


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He looks Amarrian, but he sounds Gallentean.


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Dear lord Vaari, High Champion Templar of the Ten-Thousand self-awarded titles.

I was browsing my frozen … Inventory recently when I came across the following item in my collection.

Should an affluent gentlemen such as yourself wish to make a generous offer, then I can provide you the means to make… further examinations of his manly jaw which is still in pristine condition.


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