Sister of Eve-Universe offers a new home

Sister of Eve-Universe is looking for you!
Alpha or Omega, newcomer - returnee veteran everyone is welcome.
German or English speaking People … welcome!!

Our home is in a beautiful 0-sec area. Perfect Ice Areas, Wonderful Ore Belts, Worthwhile Anomalies for Researchers and PvE.

What we expect:

  • RL always has priority!
  • Teamwork! Work together with us to develop a whole region.
  • Honesty! We are open and honest we expect that from you.
  • PVP readiness! Help us defend our home, even if you are not a specialist in Pvp, but you should be willing to join Alliance or coalition fleets and defend our home.
  • Enjoy playing with like-minded people.

What we offer:

  • Structures: Industrial Structures for Research, Production, Moon Mining Ops
  • SRP program
  • Fleets: Mining fleets, PvE fleets, PVP fleets Alliance far.

For newbies and returnees, our high-sec academy corp is also available to help you prepare for the adventure 0-sec.

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