Skill queue changes lost


(Sukram Aideron) #1

There seems to be an issue, where changes to the skill queue are lost after logging out. Everything was fine when switching tabs in the character sheet or closing/reopening the skill queue window, but when I logged back in one or two days later i found the changes were lost.
I encountered this two or three times during the last weeks, but I don’t have a reliable way to reproduce it yet. It might be related to the valkyrie accelerators, because I’m pretty sure there always was one active when i did the changes.

Has anyone encountered similar issues?

(Vivianne Athonille) #2

I have experienced this same issue as well, though it was some weeks ago and definitely without an accelerator in use. No solid way to reproduce either. At first I didn’t realize anything was amiss until EveMon wouldn’t show my changes.

I first thought it was something as simple as making the changes too fast, as I saw it a few times when logging in, quickly making a change, then logging out. But then I started undocking and docking after making a change, and then logging off. Still happened a few times.

(Serenta Mystra) #3

Close the charactor sheet window/tab after every edit, fixed it for me as I leave mine open/minimized with a bunch of other windows stacked/tabbed. . .

(system) #4

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