Thanks for the SKINR app CCP. Tres bien, cool. Tres bien = very good, because it’s French? Oui, Oui monsieur.

Now, lets get to upgrading.

To create a truly unique identity for the corporation or alliance, cargo containers that can be left in space for many years should also allowed to be skinned in SKINR.


SKINR Pre-Fabs

Additional add-ons for stations and other large anchorable structures that would be included in SKNR but would cost real money would be available for purchase in the SKINR store would be:

  1. Small and medium sized asteroids pre-fabs. Asteroid pre-fabs could be skinned using SKINR and could be placed in an orbit around the structure at 25km to 50km from the structure. Small asteroid pre-fabs would contain between five to eight asteroids, medium asteroid pre-fabs would contain four to six asteroids. Large asteroid pre-fabs would come in five flavors; blaster, railgun, laser projectile and missile. The weapon system used would be medium in sized, have a range of between 5 and 100km and would be controlled similar to how fighters are controlled from a station. Each pre-fab would be a collidable and destructible object that would act like a normal roid when a ship comes into contact with the roid in a belt. The roid would not be mineable. The roids would orbit the station on at various velocities, set by the station manager. The range of velocity would be 500 m/s for small, 200 m/s for medium and 50 m/s for large roids. Up to five roid pre-fab units could orbit the station with the exception of only large being able to be deployed. The natural composition of the roid

  2. Ships would also be positioned in an orbit around the station as various ranges, could be any of the five flavors of weapons and would come in flights of four for frigate thru battlecruiser and two battleships per battleship flight. Normal velocities for each type of ship. Damage dealt would be comparable to Drifter ships but approx. half. The ships could be attacked and destroyed but in doing so the player would receive a criminal suspect timer.

CCP can figure out the particulars for each ship and roid.

Both type of station defense systems would give most stations and structures an added layer of protection and defense along with creating a new dynamic for attacking stations and structures.

Cargo containers also also seem to gain a brand new cosmetic namely completely different models. It can go beyond skinning without affecting balance etc. So your jettisoned cargo containers can become a different model than the default.

No, the only change for cargo container, audit can or station vault would be the color scheme.

Thats boring.

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Maybe some sorta of animation that shows the cargo door on the jet can opening and closing?

Because unless CCP has transporters, some animation should take place. I know, SOME players, would stay in station and watch the cargo hatch open and close, for hours. That’s just their game play.

While I support “cool effects” being added for player customization, they wouldn’t add asteroids that orbit your station simply because it wouldn’t make sense from a scientific standpoint. Remember CCP takes real-life science as far as it can go before they start adding in their own flavor of sci-fi elements.

Additional moving objects on every station for the sake of cosmetics would also add unnecessary server and client load, especially if they’re collidable as you suggest. More reasonable cosmetic effects are small, non-interactable effects, such as the Aurora skin color trails that appear on the sides of a ship.

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Thanks for the reply, but do you realize how many hundreds of thousands if not millions of NPC ships that are in the game? Granted, most are held in stasis…brilliant genius level offender comment. Most NPC’s ships warp into and out of belts randomly from x points in space. The NPC ships disappear after warp out.
Therefore, if the ship or ships set to orbit the structure warp to and from the station and disappear, like the NPC ships, then the increased load on the server is minimal. The warp in and warp out would be determined on clock and would randomly happen. The scripting for how drones orbit a ship would be applied to the station defense ships upon warp in.

Flip em the six on the way in and on the way out.

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