🌀 [SLRMK] [USTZ] [PVP/e] Solarmark WH Corp Recruiting Casual Players

SOLARMARK - Low Class WH Corp - Seasoned Players

We are a close-knit group of adult eve online players. We currently live in a C3 and do everything from explo, pve, pvp, and industry. We are a corp that operates with respect whether that’s for our members or the people at the other end of our volley.

As we are all adults, we have a casual atmosphere and do our best to make sure everyone’s availability doesn’t diminish their access to fun in the game or corp. We are also part of a multi-gaming community bringing our pilots closer together in and out of eve.

We offer:

  • PVE content via connecting WH’s.
  • Industry content via planets and mining.
  • PVP opportunities, with roams.
  • Corporate BuyBack Programs.
  • Discord server.
  • Part of a multi-gaming community, providing you with friends beyond New Eden.
  • Real Life First culture.

What we require:

  • US TZ is preferred.
  • Interview and full background check via ESI.
  • 30m SP Minimum
  • Some self-sustainability willingness.
  • Active on comms when playing.
  • We STRONGLY prefer seasoned gamers. (21-30+ in age. No younger than 18 allowed.)
  • List your favorite beverage and why is it whiskey?

Eve-mail me in-game at Vexaliant Uhad
Join our public channel: Solarmark Public
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Gosh golly gee! I wish I was part of this amazing group!

Well friend, you can be. Simply apply and join us as we surf the stars! (Batteries not included)

Join Solarmark today!

Solarmark is recruiting!

Interested in trying out Wormhole life? Come check out Solarmark!

Current corp not cutting it? Solarmark is not only fun to fly with in game, we have a great mature, fun social atmosphere to top it off!

Solarmark is open for recruitment!

Join Solarmark today!

Please consider joining us today!

I wish I had known half the things I know now back then, when I thought I knew it all, which in turn told me I knew nothing.

Come join the journey for the pursuit of knowledge and whiskey, and together we will learn the meaning of flying submarines. Join Solarmark today!

Still actively recruiting! Looking forward to seeing new faces out in space soon!

Still actively accepting new members. Hit us up anytime to join.

We are still recruiting! Meeting some great new folks in the process; come be one of them!

HOLY ROLL-A-HOLEY BATMAN, SOLARMARK IS RECRUITING EXPERIENCED AND MATURE PILOTS FOR THE THRILLS AND SPILLS?!!?!1 I can’t believe that after all this time, this exclusive and fantastic group of people is opening up the recruitment floodgates once again to tempt those willing to experience all that EVE ONLINE has to offer.

This opportunity has to be better than the time my grandma sent $10000 to that Zimbabwean Prince. She still hasn’t heard back from him…hope he’s doing well.

Hey! Listen!

Solarmark is STILL recruiting! Out of LITERAL MILLIONS of applications, the select few who fly under our banner have nothing but positive experiences and cordial things to say about their time with us so far.

Take a look at some of these testimonies!

                            "I like when we drink." - Vexaliant Uhad

            "Would drunkenly welp horrifically again with these folks." - DumboSki

 "My many deaths have been honourable and all for the glory of Solarmark...as always, pants are 
                                              optional." - Calvin Ibruin

                          "Are dad jokes good or bad for recruitment?" - Delger

      "I would stay home from the theatre so that I could play with Solarmark." - Abraham Lincoln

Join us as these galvanized pilots fly, galivant, and laugh their way between the stars in search of the next rock to mine, the furthest belt to rat, or the craziest battle to fight!

Join Solarmark today!


As the holidays approach, we all make thanks for the awesome friends we have and communities we are part of.

If you find yourself without such a group of friends or community to be thankful for, please consider coming to Solarmark. We promise yule have a great time.

Happy holidays, all!

We are actively recruiting again, calling all pilots to come check us out! o7

I regret to inform you that Solarmark is still recruiting new members. I sincerely hold this moment of solemnity to bring to your attention that Solarmark is still recruiting new members to have and to hold as brothers and sisters in arms, and to unfortunately fly together with respect, comradery, and haha-fun-times because, tragically, the only ships we fly are friendships.

We drink, we pun, we’re adults and do stuff. Apply today or whatever!

Solarmark is recruiting!

We are actively recruiting! Looking forward to the new members that join us this month.