[SLYCE] Want to try null sec with a mature and mostly dad corp? Join us now!

We wait for you in our discord so you can find out :slight_smile:

The clocks run out, times up, over, blaow

Snap back to reality, ope there goes gravity

Ope, there goes Rabbit, he choked

He’s so mad, but he won’t give up that easy? No

He won’t have it, he knows his whole back’s to these ropes

It don’t matter, he’s dope, he knows that, but he’s broke

He’s so stagnant, he knows, when he goes back to this mobile home, that’s when it’s

Hello, I am a returning player with 60,000,000 SP. I mostly do PvE but started getting interested in PvP before my hiatus. A laid back group would make returning to this great game even better!

I’m interested in signing up, but the Discord link didn’t work. Could a recruiter shoot me a message?

Back to the lab again, yo, this whole rhapsody

Better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him

Still recruiting !


Go top !

Bumping in progress

Top again !

Gosh i forgot to update the post. Very nice time to play eve now, good for ratting and mining :slight_smile: . Bump !

Bump !

Who let the bumps out? Who who who ?

Bump are out !