Small C4 Corp looking to join a small c4 alliance

The plex union is a small Corp but has a very active member base. We currently live in a c4 no effects with fairly good PI and c3 statics. This has proved to be extremely profitable for us.

However, we have found that as a small Corp, unless you are always on and watching when a new sig appears, you can be at the mercy of larger pvp and eviction corps which is a problem.

With this problem, we are now looking for a small Corp or two to join us in our c4 or look for a small c4 alliance that would be interested in having us. If you are either of these things please feel free to respond to this or mail me in game.

Our Corp is very knowledgeable in wormhole space, is able to mine, solo sites or do them as a group, roll wormholes, pvp etc.

Looking forward to hearing your replies.

Fly Safe o7

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