Small Corp - part of Already Replaced alliance - Looking for EU members

need EU TZ peps still -

EU TZ peps wanted… earn good isk p/month…

recruiting still open for EU TZ persons…

EU TZ peps come along to the party…

come and have a chat !

No Sir, Cache and Stain have all the isk. If you change your mind… feel free to reach out.

why are we talking again ? are you bored ? we not joining you, your not joining us, think we’ve exhausted the convo between us, and why are you responding to a different message not even sent to you ? odd indeed…

(post deleted by author)

still looking for EU players

still looking for new blood !

Jump onto shield107 for a chat ?

still looking for EU TZ…

Bump. Joined close to two months ago. No regrets at all! Friendly people all over :slight_smile:

still recruiting ! jump on shield107

bump bump

still looking for new blood… shield107 in game.

(post deleted by author)

jump into shield107 cheers

Hello im new and looking for a good alliance, seen yours looks good

hello chap jump into shield107 in game for a chat ? cheers