[Sneak Squad - C4 w. C2/C5 - US/EU] Small Gang PvP

Welcome to Sneak Squad , a C4 w. C2/C5 wormhole corporation with a thirst for small gang PvP and fun experiences with our fellow corp members. If you’re looking for a tight-knit US/ EU corporation, who loves to PvP no matter the outcome, then we’re the corporation for you.

Sneak Squad thrives on wormhole hunting and small gang engagements. We are an up and coming corporation, who’s driven to grow and succeed.

Instead of boring you with a long post… come speak with us. Join us in our in-game public channel at “SN33K PUB” or join our Discord . Click here to check out our killboards, we’re definitely not the best but we learn from every outcome and always keep on having fun! Come be apart of an exciting and rapidly growing corporation today.

Fly dangerous o7



Come Kill Things :smiley:

Still recruiting! :smiley:

Come Kill things!

there anymore to come or we nearly done?

Recruitment still open! Swing on by for more information.

Got a great group here! Swing on by to grab some information and see if you would be a good fit!

Recruitment still open! Come on by and say hello!

Still looking for more friends!

Growing!! Come on by and have a chat!

Sneak Squad Best Squad! Come take a peak!

Looking for more pilots to come have some fun! Join SN33K PUB for more info!

Pilots still wanted.

Recruitment still open! Join SN33K PUB for more info.

Still looking for more pilots come and have a chat!

We moved, but still do the same thing! Come have a chat!

Still recruiting! Come chat at us.

Stilling looking for more members. Join “SN33K PUB” and come say hi!

Sneak Squad is still looking for members. Join our Pub to say hello!

Still recruiting! Come to our pub for a chat.