SniggWaffe – Pirates of New Eden - Max fun per hour.

It’s as easy as that. SniggWaffe uses every angle in EVE to make sure our members get the max fun per hour. LS, NS, Wormholes…

We utilize wormhole space and the nomadic life to find content all over New Eden.

This use of every angle of the game to get #MaxFunPerHour is the reason we are one of the most active corporations in EVE:

About Us

Waffles is one of the more notorious and storied corps in EVE. When you join waffles you are joining a group of very close friends with a rigid and old culture that has pushed the corp to play at a high level, fight outnumbered, and use EVE’s greatest weapon. Teamwork. Many of us have pursued fun an excellence together in a tough learning environment for years on end.

Do you like Waffles?

Don’t just be an F1 pushing dps ship among an ocean of grey faces. Learn how to contribute in situations where every person counts. Learn how to multibox, fleet command, and the ins and outs of deploying to new areas every year.

Obnoxiously active to this day. We are a often a Top 10 corp on the zkill weekly list. All with few pilots and without being forced to endure tidi nightmares that the big blob fights usually result in. Unless you are into that, then that is an option too :slight_smile:

What do I need to become a Waffle?

  • A strong desire to become a better pilot. We all have room for improvement.
  • A team-oriented mindset. We depend on everyone to step up. Expectations exist for all pilots to be able to step up into support roles such as scouts, scanners, logi, bubblers, etc… Strict F1 monkey’ing is frowned upon.
  • Be active! We’d like you to jump right in with us and get your ships dirty. Hop on comms!
  • Maintain 60/60. Be on 60 kills per 60 days. (Really easy if you actually play the game)
  • Be on comms when you are online, even if not playing EVE. We are a tight group of friends and hanging out on comms is one of the best ways to get to know your corpmates.
  • We don’t sit still. Learn how to move and be everywhere at once.

How do I become a Waffle?

If you would like to have more information or a chat with a recruiter, please hop on our discord and say hi here!

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