So I listened to Midna Lyre's "Sonik Sabik" album

It’s bad. Really bad.

Why do so many Sani Sabik sound like they never grew out of adolescent nihilism?

Sarum is worried about a woman who likely makes all her fortune catering to edgy Gallente pre-teens?

It’s all rather silly in my opinion.

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Sabik tend to sound like that because that’s kind of exactly what Sabik is, sir. “Boo hoo, nobody loves and fears me as I deserve, so I’ll show you all,” is kind of the philosophy in a vicious nutshell. Even its most innocuous forms are a little like that, focused on releasing internal power and such.

The record’s a problem for a couple of reasons, sir; the ideas it’s based on alone would be enough to ban it in the Empire. Even without the history of the Sabik heresy here, Bloody Omir’s not a hypothetical, much less mythical, problem. Someone making his ideas catchy is a problem nobody needs.


Honestly, I just think it’s all a publicity stunt. Feeding social media algorithms on the back of conversation about being “Banned in the Empire”.

I doubt there are people who would just go about exsanguinating others because they listened to trashy Gallente music.

I’ve listened to Minmatar metal music and it didn’t make me want to dress in black and get lost in a Mikramurkan forest to shoot an album cover.

Respectfully, sir, these things aren’t newly banned or anything. Your nation has maybe a little bit of a recurring cult problem, and Sarikusa is an issue in the first place partly because he sort of democratizes the idea of the Sabik “Savant.” Traditionally it’s kind of like nobility-- only the elite need apply.

Bloody Omir’s idea is to open it up to anyone who’s willing to prove their “chosen-ness” by committing atrocities, which might be why the Blood Raiders are numerous enough to actually (okay, “sort of”; I can already hear Arrendis cackling) hold territory. It seems like a lousy way to prove you’re “chosen,” but considering what the Sabik value I guess ruthlessness is a workable entry-level test. Everything else can just kind of flow from there.

So, yeah, encouraging that kind of idea on an interstellar scale? Even if one listener in ten thousand takes up the cause it’s a nice recruitment tool for Omir.


I have seen Blood Raider atrocities first hand so I know the extent of their degeneracy. However, this album by Midna Lyre seems rather tame by comparison. It’s just some Gallente tastelessly using actual crime and atrocity by Blooders to drive album sales and pander to her fans in the Federation.

Worrying about Midna Lyre is like worrying about the milquetoast that comes from atheists who think pedantry and contrarianism is the height of intelligence. It elicits an internal cringe of vicarious embarrassment but the actual harm to the Empire is limited.

With great respect, sir, before I came here I used to feel, perhaps, similarly: that the Amarrian reaction to things Sabik was maybe more an overreaction.

Then I met a Sabik. Then another. Like you, sir, I’ve seen their work first-hand. My position has switched pretty firmly to the one that says the correct place for practitioners and their materials is “on fire.”

More than that, I learned the specific means by which the heresy spreads, mostly by appealing to the young, bored, ambitious, and impatient-- petty nobles, historically. You can stamp it out a thousand times and as long as a few books survive in a hidden library somewhere you’ll have the same blasted problem all over again in another generation or two.

This? This, right here? This is a pretty good example of how the Sabik are a problem the Federation isn’t really equipped for. Thankfully the Federation’s also not as fertile ground, but as long as Ms. Lyre doesn’t actually get caught eating her neighbor’s heart or something as I understand it they can’t really do much to stop her. Even then I’m not sure they’d be able to do much about an album.

So literally millions of copies get scattered to the stars, all aboveboard and legal, and there’s nothing anybody in the Federation can do about it but write negative reviews.

Your Empire’s not stuck in a similar spot, though. Here, something can be done, sir. The question is whether it can be done thoroughly enough.

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I suppose there could always be made a discrete donation to the assassins of the Fraternity of St. Venefice to deal with Midna Lyre permanently.

The Fraternity is in disgrace having had its entire estates confiscated and its establishment investigated and possibly arrested for crimes as yet undisclosed.


If there is any truth in the unconfirmed reports regarding the Fraternity, then I am sure there are other mercenary groups able to conduct a kill edict on Midna Lyre.

I make due obeisance to your rank and honour, sir.

I brought the notice to your attention as any donation made thereto - whatever the intent - would almost certainly have brought you immediately to the attention of the Ministry of Internal Order, perhaps even the inquisitors of the Order of St Tetrimon.

In these times, that is an interview one might wish to be spared.


Thanks for the heads up, I really have not kept up with the latest purges and who is still in, and who is now out.

Addendum: Having caught up on the news I missed while presenting oblation at the priory it seems the MIO and Theology Council would be too busy finding the malcontents within their own ranks to bother with a loyal son of Sib such as myself.

To quote many a haggard old faithful crone, “That’s how they get ya!”

No quarter for sanists of any stripe or degree. A pyre for them all.


I admit I haven’t listened to it, but I can imagine.
While she is Sabik, I think the actual music is… a gallentean thing. They are known for allowing people to “express themselves” and instead of making a masterpieces and quality music they allow into the air all sort of low-quality low-effort “expressions”, presenting it as a form of “art” where in fact it is just a form of crap.

I have to admit I am curious at the hypocrisy of the Federation. Many Gallente condemn Amarr over slavery yet they give safe haven to Sanists who espouse abduction, murder, and worse while calling it art.

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Would you expect rationality from those who worship freedom or fights for democracy?..

For sure I do respect religious people and those who worship deities, as these are philosophies that extend worldview pasts the limits of our knowledge. Desire to know more than we can is what makes us different from robots.

But when people make their beliefs on things that contradict reality, for example, claiming all humans are equal… or worshipping straightforward evil and destructuve concepts like freedom like it’s something good… or all these silly blood cults, it’s all quite despicable.

Besides, what would you expect from actual freedom fighters, it’s a terrorist groups which actually commit abductions, murder and worse.

Gallente tend to condemn things that are better than what they have, not worse.

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I quite liked it.

Back when I was a lot less socialized, whenever I got upset about life, I would listen to angsty music and dream about seriously going on a blood drinking frenzy.

Normally I’d object to at least some of the generalisations and sweeping statements being made here.

But on the other hand, sonik sabik is trash and I hate idiot young people.

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