[SOLD]10,690,558 Sp Mining Char 9 Years old


Exhumers 5, Mining Barge 5, Mining 5, Reproccesing 5
1 Yearly Remap and 2 Bonus
On the Rest have a look.

I receive the isk
I am for sale

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
No Jump Clones
Char is located in Jita
Never problems with CCP

Make me a good B/O offer, minimum is 10 B

12 Bil b/o

BO Accepted ,
Waiting for the Isk and Account Name Transfer destiny

Till i have no answer the Auction is still active

Sorry, had to lie down, I stayed up as long as I could. I will log in to send the ISK now

ISK and account name to await transfer sent via in game Evemail. Thanks again, sorry for the delay in responding to you.

Character Tranfer is iniciated,
Many Thanks !

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