SOLD 11msp char

(Kaendar Vakhri) #1

Sit in HS
No Killright
2 remaps
Caldari ship line

start 7b
bo 9

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #2

5b to get you started

(Angie Pontius) #3

5.1b offer

(Kaendar Vakhri) #4

i wait a correct deal, or i extract sunday

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #5

5.5b, fyi, if you dont consider 5b as correct, then dont write it in your ad

(Kaendar Vakhri) #6

Sunday the highest bid accept only one more day

(Nerdz Rool) #7

You are missing alot of information needed to sell your character. You can find this information in the character bazaar rules.

(Kaendar Vakhri) #8

Information problem solved

(Kaendar Vakhri) #9


(Kaendar Vakhri) #10


(Kaendar Vakhri) #11


(Gary Bell) #12

6 bil buyout

(Kaendar Vakhri) #13

accept send infos and isk

(Gary Bell) #14

COnvoed ingame isk to follow

(system) #15

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