SOLD 120M SP supercap pilot

Looking to sell this character

Location in NPC station in Highsec

Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
No Bounty
No Kill rights

Has 3mill unallocated SP

Looking for a fairly quick sale so will accept any reasonable offer.

70B if you want now


76 BO


80b offer


88B offer

I’d accept 90b @Elsa_Krupp

88B is my final offer, once accepted it, will be send

89b B/O now

89b accepted @Aelin_Eoner

I will send the ISK in 5 minutes and confirm here once done.
ISK has been sent. Please confirm receipt. I will send in game email with the account where you shall transfer the character. Thank you.

Account details for character transfer have been sent by in-game email.
Please confirm receipt of ISK and when transfer will be initiated. Thank you.

Isk and account info received, transfer initiated.

Character received. Transaction completed successfully.

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