[SOLD] 27m SP Thanatos/Nyx pilot (BO lowered)

Selling this toon for the right price:


Buyout: 30b


30 bil

Sori changed his mind

I can out

Bump. Added buyout.

I only have 30B
You don’t agree to my giving up the bid


BO accepted. Waiting for ISK transfer.

Have not received any ISK yet so still up for grabs I suppose.



I have lowered BO to 30b so if you’re still interested let me know.

30B is ready to be sent there

BO accepted. Waiting for ISK.

Please reply to my email during the game

ISK has sent request to transfer role

Whether to start the role transfer?

Will fix first thing when i get home. About 1.5 hour.

Please change roles as soon as possible