SOLD 29Mill SP, Crystal/Snake Set, Minmatar pilot

28.7 mill SP + 250k unallocated SP.
2 clones:full set Crystal and Snake Implant Sets.
Highlighted skills: Cyber 5, Minmatar Strategic cruiser subsystems - all 5, Minmatar Frig, Cruiser, Destroyer 5, Tact Destroyer 5, Recons 5, Amarr Frig & Cruiser 5, Neurotoxin Control/Recovery 4, Proj and Missile skilled spec.

Seeking low 20’s
Open to ingame offers


Hi ,

Fyi , You can only bump every 24 Hours

Read the rules !

20 bil

Gattanera 21 and i’ll transfer it today

Cool, let’s do 21 bil

Transfer to Exotic Butters and i’ll start transfer

I will have to send to the character being sold, but you can move it before starting the transfer.
Will do it now

Of course sorry my mistake

Transfer is to Gattanera upon receival of isk?

Transfer of An-Nur to Gattanera’s account complete. Receival of isk complete

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