SOLD - 2x fanfest tickets pioneer pass - super early bird

Wts 2x fanfest tickets.

Heartbreakingly I’ve had a load of work cancel and I’m no longer able to afford to attend fanfest. :frowning:

I got these on the pioneer pass super early bird so they are cheap!

I paid $179 each for these and am looking to shift them.

Reply to this topic. Dm me, or contact ingame if you are interested


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Hello, I have reached out to you in-game as well. I am looking to Buy both tickets from you if they are still available. I had a shift of real life circumstances that now leaves me able to attend, but ticketless.

Thank you for your time,
Markus SilverMoon

Hiya! Both tickets still available :slight_smile: I’ll reach out in game

Both tickets sold.

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