SOLD - 2x good starter toons, 5.2M sp, Hulk/Orca/Miner

Me for sale: EveSkillboard - Katy Anderson
SP: 5.2M (still skilling)
Implants: +3 (three)
remaps: 2
Hulk ready


Taia Gonn: SOLD

All CCP rules respected.

Both pilots in Jita 4-4 and ready skilled for Orca too.

Make me an offer.

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I confirm I’m for sale too


2b for taiga gonn

@Aria_Alpha_Yatolila hi and tnx for the offer.
It’s a bit low (considering time, extractors price and implants); if you can raise your offer we have a deal.

would you consider 2.5b ? If so evemail ‘aria Yatolila’ Ig to conclude sale

@Aria_Alpha_Yatolila you have a mail on “aria Yatolila”

isk and account name send

Isk received and transfer initiated.
Thank you

char received, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bump, me still for sale

What is your Buy out ?

Interested but need sell plex to purchase.

@Lady_Experiment 2.9b and we have a deal

Ok, is a deal.

Please wait me some minutes, i need sell the plex. 5 minutes aprox.

Acc and isk sent.

Please answer the thread when you do the transfer

@Lady_Experiment isk received and transfer initiated.
Thank you

Thanks to You.

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