SOLD 34m amarr/cald T2 triage. noobcorp

SKillboard link

Loc: Perimeter
Positive wallet

No corp history, still in noobcorp
Neural remap available now, +2 bonus

Cybernetics 5
4x +5 implants
T2 triage
Amarr / Caldari carrier 4
Excellent armor / shield / engineering skills
JDC V, good navigation
Close to Basilisk and Onerios

Start: 31B

B/O 33B
would like to sell until 22nd January

Hapy bidding!

Yes I am for sale.

Still selling

Still selling

Weekend bump!

Have a good Sunday!

Start bid 31B! Is there a B/O?

Updated original post.

Willing to Bo for 33B!

Would you like me to send the ISK to Frank Pannon?

ISK Sent


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